Top Ten Sitcoms from the 70’s

Here is a list of the top 10 sitcoms from the 1970s, along with detailed descriptions and where they can be watched today. Most Senior Subway members spent many hours watching these all time favorites!

  1. All in the Family: A working-class man, Archie Bunker, constantly squabbles with his family over the important issues of the day. It can be watched on CBS All Access[1][2].
  2. MAS*H: Set during the Korean War, this comedy-drama follows the personnel of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. It can be watched on Hulu[1][3].
  3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Mary Richards, an independent associate producer at WJM News, navigates her life both at work and personally. It can be watched on Hulu[1][4].
  4. Happy Days: Set in the 1950s and 1960s, this nostalgic sitcom follows the Cunningham family and their adventures in Milwaukee. It can be watched on CBS All Access[1][5].
  5. Sanford and Son: Fred Sanford, a junk dealer, and his son Lamont deal with life and humorous situations in Watts, Los Angeles. It can be watched on Hulu[1][6].
  6. The Odd Couple: This sitcom follows the lives of mismatched roommates Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. It can be watched on Paramount+[2][7].
  7. The Bob Newhart Show: Dr. Bob Hartley, a psychologist, balances his professional and personal life. It can be watched on Hulu[2][8].
  8. Barney Miller: Set in a New York City police station, this sitcom showcases the comedic interactions among the detectives and their colleagues. It can be watched on Hulu[2][9].
  9. Three’s Company: The sitcom revolves around Jack Tripper, who shares an apartment with two beautiful women, leading to comedic misunderstandings. It can be watched on Hulu[5][10].
  10. Taxi: This ensemble sitcom focuses on the employees of the Sunshine Cab Company in New York City and their daily comical experiences. It can be watched on Hulu[5][11].

Please note that availability of these shows may vary and are subject to change. It is recommended to check the respective streaming platforms for the most up-to-date information.

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