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  • Posted by Bill  on July 10, 2023 at 1:49 pm

    We are beginning to plan a north/central USA road trip for September of 2-3 weeks duration. Driving. One goal is to “claim” new states. If I route it correctly Nancy will [ick up nine states she’s never been to and I’ll hit the last four that I need to complete the contiguous United States.

    So, what’ve you got for: 1) Iowa, 2) Nebraska, 3) South Dakota (Bad Lands), 4) Wyoming, 5) Montana (Chief Joseph “Yellowstone” Ranch), 6) Idaho, 7) North Dakota, 8) Minnesota, and 9) Wisconsin. That’s the initial (very) basic route planning. We’ll come home through the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (we have been through Michigan and all the states to and from there).

    I still need to visit South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. We’re tentatively planning Hawaii and Alaska for 2024 to celebrate our 5oth Anniversary

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  • Basil

    July 10, 2023 at 5:54 pm

    Out of all those, we have only been to Nebraska (on a drive back from Colorado). Lake McConaughy was cool, in the southwest corner of the state and felt very isolated. In January and February, you can watch eagles feed at the south end of Kingsley Dam there. Omaha was also very nice. Good restuarants and a very walkable downtown area. There are also a few pony express stations left standing. Cool to see, but I wouldn’t go well out of my way to see them. Don’t forget to try a Runza sandwich.

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