Senior Subway Social Network Launches!

Senior Subway is the first FUN Social Network for Generation X and Baby Boomers!

Research shows that spending more time online and increasing social connections can markedly decrease the risk of dementia.

Senior Subway offers both of these elements on a fun platform created specifically for Generation-X and Baby Boomers! In addition to this being a dedicated platform for ‘seasoned’ individuals, there are many elements that make the platform unique:

*Offers Verified users for a higher level of safety.
*A Variety of brain games for memory and hand-eye coordination
*Hundreds of interest groups to facilitate both online and in person friendships
*User cultivated events calendar of your local community activities
*Comprehensive list of free offers and discounts for folks over the age of 50
*Politically charged & controversial topics restricted to private, optional groups
*Planned group trips ( optional ) such as cruises and land tours across the globe

Senior Subway offers hundreds of interest groups in a variety of categories, some of which include nostalgia & memories, bucket list items, pets , friendships, travel, wineries & breweries, politics & religion, music, interests & hobbies, current events , history, college & high school confections, sports, retired military & first responders, and more!

All members earn Subway Tokens, just for being active members of the site. Gold, Silver and Platinum members can redeem their Subway Tokens for a variety of fun perks, from Amazon or Starbucks cards . to donations for St. Jude, Stop Soldier Suicide, or the ASPCA!

To celebrate the launch of this new, innovative website for Fun folks over the age of 50, Senior Subway is offering 1000 Bronze memberships FREE with the code launch!

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